Visit “Honey House” (With tasting and demonstration)

We will take you to discover one of the oldest products in the world, the nectar of the gods! By visiting the company, we will discover the secrets behind the production and processing of this fantastic product. This involves great care starting from the blowing of the bees, from the super and then moving on to the honey extraction and concluding with the placing in jars. The experience will last approximately 1:30/2 hours.

Visit to a ceramic workshop (With demonstration)

A 2/2:30 hour experience in which it will be possible, with the help of a craftsman, to learn about all the phases of ceramic processing, clay modeling and firing up to the final decoration and beyond. You will put your hands in the dough yourself to create wonderful sculptures.

A laboratory designed for adults and children, which will convey to you the passion that these master craftsmen put into creating something unique and wonderful every day

Sicily from above

It will be a unique experience of its kind, given that you will have the opportunity to fly together with an expert and certified pilot on a splendid two-seater. The uniqueness of the experience will be the fact of being able to admire Etna, Taormina, the Aeolian Islands and all the wonders that our Sicily offers us. A view that you will not be able to admire, except with an experience like this. Being next to an experienced pilot will give you the feeling of flying that plane yourself! And who knows you really won’t.

The experience varies according to the route so the duration can be one hour or two.