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With its famous "Scalinata di Santa Maria del Monte"

piazza armerina

Medieval village known
for its mosaics and more...

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Tour in Sicily is the first tour operator dedicated exclusively to the beautiful cities of Caltagirone and Piazza Armerina.
Choosing us means embracing our ideal of making known and keeping alive the history of some of the most beautiful Sicilian towns.

It means getting in touch with the culture, history and riches that this land offers us on a daily basis but which we often forget about.
This is why choosing us is like choosing Sicily.

Enhancement of the territory

Tour In Sicily was born from local professionals who know how to make the most of the hidden beauties and the tradition of two cities that are part of the Unesco Heritage

Experiential Tour

Not only history and art, but also workshops on Caltagirone ceramics, as well as local food and wine and culinary experiences

Needs driven

The itineraries created by Tour in Sicily can be customized according to your needs and interests. Contact us to discover Caltagirone and Piazza Armerina

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Offer our all-inclusive packages and walking tours to your guests but not only: we include your structure among our recommended partners

Tourist groups

With the possibility of a guide in Italian, Spanish, English, French and German!

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Organize educational trips with us for your students aged 5 to 18: with Tour In Sicily learning is easy and fun


Famous for its ceramics, Caltagirone is an inland town with an ancient and fascinating history. One of the main attractions is the 142-step staircase decorated with magnificent colorful local majolica tiles. The historic center, characterized by the late Baroque style, was awarded the title of World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2002.

Piazza Armerina

It is an ancient medieval city with a fine Baroque and Norman historical centre. On its territory is the Villa Romana del Casale with its famous mosaics, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. City of art, already defined as Urbs Opulentissima, with a strong tourist attraction due to its important archaeological, historical, artistic and natural heritage, known as the “City of Mosaics and the Palio dei Normanni”.

Discover the territory

Follow our blog to discover history, culture and curiosities but also events in Caltagirone and Piazza Armerina

Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte

The Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte (in Sicilian A Scala dâ Matrìci) is a civil work located in the municipality of Caltagirone. It was built in 1606 in order
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Casale Roman Villa

The most important of all is the site of the Villa Romana del Casale, with its 3500 square meters of mosaic floors famous all over the world, as evidence of
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Ceramics and Museum of Ceramics

Caltagirone: city of ceramicsThe name Caltagirone derives from the Arabic term Qal’at al Ghiran, whose literal translation is “Rocca dei Vasi”. The city of Caltagirone is closely linked to the
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Live Caltagirone and Piazza Armerina through authentic local experiences such as ceramic workshops, food and wine tastings and more

Visit “Honey House” (With tasting and demonstration)

We will take you to discover one of the oldest products in the world, the nectar of the gods! By visiting the company, we will discover the secrets behind the

Visit to a ceramic workshop (With demonstration)

A 2/2:30 hour experience in which it will be possible, with the help of a craftsman, to learn about all the phases of ceramic processing, clay modeling and firing up

Sicily from above

It will be a unique experience of its kind, given that you will have the opportunity to fly together with an expert and certified pilot on a splendid two-seater. The